【Language teacher】


For individuals looking to work in Japan, finding a fair and reliable employer is a necessity. We have all heard of or experienced such stories as “working and not being paid“ or “service overtime”. We at An English Club want those individuals to know that there is a better opportunity out there.

At AECwe always put the wellness of the company first, which means that both our customers and employees don’t lose sleep, knowing that they are part of a strong, stable and lasting organization. Our goal is to provide both our customers and our employees with a learning environment and cross-cultural experience of the highest possible quality.

We would like you to know that we offer a very fair contract compared to other English schools. We have a reputation for being a supportive and fair employer and most of our teachers have come here from other schools. We teach an average of 20-24 hours per week. Our classes are stacked and when your classes are finished for the day, so are you. There are no long breaks between classes, which means some days you are only working for 4-6 hours. Similar companies offer contracts up to 40 hours a week where you must be on location the whole time for the same price. This gives you what money can’t buy, your free time. We offer 7 weeks of vacation, even if it’s your first year, and the support we offer is specific to your needs. We are sure that you, like our current teaching team, will find the experience rewarding.

Scott Noll
Department Manager
An English Club


Job Details
Job Title:Teacher
Advertiser Type: Direct hire
Contract Type: Full Time
Industry: Education / Teaching
Function: Child Education, Pre-school Teacher
Career Level: Entry Level
Country / Region: Japan
State / Province: Aichi
Town / City: Nagoya and surrounding areas
Min. Salary:¥250,000 Max. Salary: ¥320,000
Salary Term: Monthly Salary
Condition: Negotiable
-Extensive training course provided
-Japanese teachers in class
-Progressive salary increases every year

Method of payment
Salary is direct deposited into a bank account made for you by AEC.

Transportation Reimbursement
Work related transportation expenses are reimbursed with your salary payment.
(Not included are flights to and from your home and moving costs)
English Level: Native level
Residence: Only accept resumes from people CURRENTLY living in Japan
Visa Sponsorship: Available
Criteria 1: Flexible
Criteria 2: Dependable
Criteria 3: Must love children
* Please note that you must attach a recent photograph to your resume to get a response.

Job Description
Description: Looking for energetic, enthusiastic, bright teachers with a genuine interest in teaching. We are a school that is continuing to grow rapidly and in need of your help.
We are looking for a candidate to start training at the end of March for the coming school year.

Teacher’s responsibilities:
Teachers are responsible for preparing and teaching classes, filling out comments on student evaluations, and attending special events. Teachers are also required to conduct demonstration lessons for prospective students. All aspects of the job are covered in orientation/training and teacher meetings.
Nagoya and surrounding areas.
Contract hours:
A full time teacher contract is 240 days per school year. Most teachers have an average of 22 hours per week, you could occasionally be asked to teach more. Once your lessons are finished you may go home. The remaining time spent planning lessons can be done on your own at home. If you need help or advice, our management is just a phone call away. Our contract affords you the time to pick up extra money without overextending your energy.
The salary starts at 250,000 yen/month and in American dollars this is roughly $2500/month. Since all relevant taxes are less than 10% of your income, you get to keep most of your salary unlike other countries that you may have or are working in. The cost of living isn’t much different than you are used too. Rent depending where you live is about \45,000 (roughly $450)/ month, and a frugal shopper can easily eat for \20,000(roughly $200)/ month.
Min. Salary:¥250,000 Max. Salary: ¥320,000
Paid Vacation/Holidays:
A typical academic year includes: One week in late April-early May, 1 week in the summer, 1 week in August, 1 week in September, more than 2 weeks in December-early January, and some national holidays. Giving you lots of time to travel and see Asia!!
Employee Benefits and Perks
Contract renewal/Compensation review:
Annual compensation adjustments are offered, and are determined by contract renewal, performance, and the fulfillment of established expectations.
Completion Bonus:
Once a full year contract is fulfilled a completion bonus is given with the last payment for the school year. The bonus is determined by factors such as diligence, dedication, and attendance.
Advancement opportunities:
Administrative and teacher trainer positions will be offered in-house. Many have made a career at AEC; while others using the excellent training and experience that they have received have made careers elsewhere.
Unemployment Insurance, National Health Insurance, Worker’s Accident Insurance
Semi Furnished Company apartments available.
Daycare services available.
Vacation Cabins:
Company cabins available for vacationing in Ise and Takayama (Free).
Vacation Private Resort hotels XIV:
Company membership use available for vacationing in the XIV resort trust hotel chain.

Hiring Process


The manager will explain the company, class flow, job description, and conditions.
We will ask you what kind of days you would like to work and for how long.

Class observation

If you would like to see the class, you can observe an actual class after the interview or on another date.

Notification of Results

A manager will contact you with the results of your application.
If selected, we will discuss with you about your training schedule and classroom responsibilities.


Orientation will take place at the head office and nearby schools for about ten days and further training continues throughout the duration of employment.
You would start by observing a senior teacher's class, learning the curriculum and teaching methods, and training lessons.


You will start your first lessons at your assigned schools.
If you have any questions or concerns, the office manager will support you.


Teacher Testimonials

Don't take our word for it. Just listen to our teachers.

Rachel 2020
AEC is the workplace where I have felt the most support and recognition for my work as a teacher.
Theo 2020
This job is a great chance to get to work with Japanese kids and have a lot of fun with them while teaching. You will learn about their culture, the things they do, the things their generation like and dislike, etc... You'll be teaching them, but they'll be teaching you too. A lot, sometimes. It's also cool to be team teaching with a Japanese native. You will have a lot of fun together. If you are a great match, the kids will feel it and have so much fun with you.
Johnny 2019
Overall great atmosphere, staff are amazing and nice, students are a joy to work with.
Julien 2019
I have spent a wonderful year with AEC. I am truly grateful for the opportunity that was given to me. Working at AEC was very different from my other teaching experiences abroad and in Japan. Yet I was still able to make use of the skills I had acquired and develop new ones. Both my students and my colleagues have motivated me to work hard for their sake. I feel AEC can be an opportunity for personal development in years to come. I think I will take it. Thank you for the time I had and the time to come.
Jaime 2019
I have been working here for six years and I’m very happy. Teaching kids is fun and the management is always nice to me. I rate it a Great experience overall.
Tom M 2018
I feel grateful working with supportive people who not only care about students, but also care about our future and self-development. I am thankful for many things!
Harrison 2018
It has been a fun 4 years with AEC and I am looking forward to the next year.
Kevin 2018
Fun job with a great group of multicultural backgrounds from across the globe.
Harrison 2018
An English Club provides ample training for their employees to continue growing as a teacher. this allows all teachers, old and new to continue to grow in their profession and support each other.
Gary 2018
I really enjoy the job. I have worked for AEC for a number of years, and feel that it has really given me the confidence and skills to become a successful language instructor. My co workers are friendly which creates a nice warm working environment.
I like my experience in An English Club and I am glad to be a part of such a great team.
Devon 2018
I like being here. Everyone is genuinely fun to work with. It’s like a big family.
Gary 2017
I have been working for AEC for many years and it has been a very enjoyable experience. The staff are all very friendly. The company offers extensive training to enable me to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar working environment.
Matthew 2017
I’ve had a fantastic time working at AEC. It has helped me to develop and grow as a person. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to work here for a wonderful 2 years.
Patryk 2017
An English Club is a great place to start and gain experience about teaching job in Japan. The stuff is very helpful and its very important especially living abroad to have that kind of support.
Thom P 2017
I have been made to feel welcome by my colleagues, and the management. I have time to travel Japan in my own time whilst also enjoying learning about Japanese business etiquette as part of a friendly team that encourages growth within the company.
Niall 2017
A place to grow, play, and learn. Being open and flexible teaches openness and flexibility. I feel lucky to have found this kind of company that supports and encourages people with a willingness to try and who use mistakes as pointers to the betterment of themselves.
Nate 2017
With An English Club I'm able to work in the city and the countryside, a glimpse of real Japan.
Thom 2016
I’ve only been working at An English Club for the past 2 months however I was surprised at how quickly I was made to feel welcome, by the management and my fellow colleagues. I already feel like I have become a trusted, valued member of the team and have been given many opportunities to show my worth. This makes my day to day work feel very rewarding and I look forward to the future with An English Club.
Djordi 2015
At An English Club we all care deeply about the quality of our classes and product as a whole. As such, new teachers will find ample support and professional challenges in finding their sweet spots of best performance.
Wes 2015
The amount of initial training I received, as well as additional monthly trainings and constant support from management whenever requested greatly helped to orientate my teaching style to and understanding of An English Club's methodology. This support also helped to relieve stress and streamline the teaching process to create uniformity across the board.
Jerome 2014
Working for An English Club has allowed me to broaden my skills. Not just for teaching but also for social interactions. It gave me skills I will be able to use in other situations in the future. The fact we have to look upon ourselves also allowed me to expect more from my coworkers and myself, which is pulling me to the top.
Harrison 2014
AEC is a company that allows for a person to grow and learn what it means to be a teacher in Japan. Even for someone who has had no previous experience, the opportunities and training offered make for a great way for someone to grow! I feel as though the training process at AEC is great for new foreign staff.
Jaime 2013
I have been working with An English Club for 3 years now. Working with kids is always fun. I can see how they grow from lesson to lesson. I think that I’m in a very creative and fun environment. I feel I’m an important part of a very special project. Each year I learn new things in my work and I have a good relationship with all my co-workers.
Gary 2012
An English Club has been a pleasure to work for and it has been a very enjoyable experience. They provide you with excellent training and advice to help you grow as a teacher. They have helped me grow not only as a teacher, but also as a person experiencing life in Japan.
Martin 2011
Working for An English Club has enabled me to fully pursue my dream of becoming a teacher here in Japan, and through the years since I first started has helped me greatly to expand my knowledge and understanding of teaching as a profession.